Special Events

Want to show a film in Fisher 135? Why not utilize theater grade quality for a great price! Film Board has worked with numerous student organizations and departments from Snowboard Club to the CDI. In the past we have shown movies, helped speakers, and even assisted with larger events like Elevator Pitch and Consumer Products day. This page will help guide you through what you need to do and how we can help!


  1. Getting Started
  2. Event Description
  3. Movie Licenses
  4. Film Board Fees
  5. Advertising
  6. Example Events

Getting Started

The first thing that needs to be done is to contact the President of Film Board with the following information:

  • A description of the event
  • The date of the event
  • The time of the event

Please contact us at least 21 days prior to the event to allow for proper planning and advertising

We reserve Fisher 135 for our weekend shows on Friday and Saturday, in addition to Sunday for the occasional showings. If you would like to have an event at a different day, the registrars will need to be contacted. Film Board is second priority to Exams and University events, so reservations cannot be guaranteed.

Event Description

Some questions to ask yourself while planning an event include:

  • What movie do you want to play? Alternatively, what do you want Film Board to provide?
  • Do you want Film Board to sell concessions or Would you like to pay to provide free concessions?
  • Is this going to be a free event or paid? If paid, how will ticketing be done?
  • Where is this event being shown? Fisher 135, 138, or 139?

Movie Licenses

All movie showings in Fisher 135 are classified as public performance as such movie licenses are required by copyright law for any movie shown. Film Board purchases licenses for every movie we show for our weekend shows. If you would like to know more about the reasoning and laws behind this please visit this webpage.

Film Board is willing to get the movie rights for the movie you would like to show. We work with several different distribution companies such as Swank, Criterion, and Universal Studios. We are happy to do the legwork to find the licenses for any movie you would like to show.

If your organization would like to show a movie, here are some general rules for prices:

  • Older movies are cost less than newer movies. Older movies cost from $400 to $600 whereas newer movies cost from $1,000 to $1,700.

– Example: Zombieland (2009) cost $475 versus Lego Batman (2017) cost $1,100.

  • Very popular movies cost a little more than other movies, usually the difference is upwards of $100. – Example: The Passion of the Christ (2004) cost $650 and Rogue One (2016) cost $1,500

Independent studios may be more lenient than major studios with licenses. Some are more willing to show movies for exposure than money. Note that usually they need to be contacted directly and may take longer to obtain rights.

There are also some exceptions to copyright law. TV shows and documentaries operate differently than movies. Depending on the purpose for the event, movie rights may not be needed. This is a case by case discussion.

Film Board Fees

Film Board charges a base of $150 dollars for our services. That money goes towards maintaining our equipment and compensating the projectionist as a projectionist is required at any event that Film Board puts on in Fisher 135.

If you would like to schedule your event during the weekend in Fisher 135 as a replacement for one of our shows, you will have to email the President to communicate your intentions. Additional costs will likely be considered for our revenue loss, but the situation varies with each event. Note that Film Board has the right to refuse scheduling an event that would replace one of our weekend shows. This fee can be avoided if you wish to schedule the event in Fisher 138 or 139.

If you would like to have concessions at the event there are several options. You can request Film Board sell concessions at your event. We would sell concessions just as we would at one of our weekend shows, charging $1 for each item. This option wouldn’t cost your organization anything. Another option is to pay for concessions so attendees can have free concessions. In this case, Film Board would charge you $1 for each thing attendees take. This total will be billed after the event. This can be limited to any amount you would like.


Advertising for an event is almost as important as the event itself. Film Board offers several ways that organizations can advertise with us. There are several free advertising perks for events, these perks are for organization putting on an event with Film Board. Film Board will post about the event on our social media and website. We also offer a free slide advertisement before our weekend shows. For more information about slides, see our advertising page. Another great option that Film Board offers is flyers. We print 8.5×11 inch full color flyers through Book Concerns in Hancock. Film Board can print 40 flyers for your event for $20 which will be enough to put up all around campus.

Outside of Film Board, there are many ways to advertise your event throughout campus and the community. For more information on that please visit Student Activities Webpage on planning and advertising an event.

Film Board has several logos on our assets page, please utilize these logos when advertising an event in cooperation with Film Board.

Example Events

An Organization wants to show Zombieland for free on a Wednesday at 6pm. They also would like to provide free concessions (40 goods were given to attendees).

Film Board Fees $150
Zombieland License $475
Concessions $40
Total $665

An Organization wants to do a free showing of Passion of the Christ on Easter Sunday at 2:30pm, letting Film Board sell concessions on their own.

Film Board Fees $150
Revenue lost Fee $150
Passion License $650
Concessions $0
Total $950

Any Questions?

Please use the contact form or email the Film Board President for any questions concerning events